When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide initially introduces us to a cocky courier/pilot, Mark Randall. He is paid to take secret photos from South African Astronomer Dr. Bronson to American scientist Dr. Hendron. The delivery confirms Hendron’s worst fears – in eight months another world is going to collide with earth. Also discovered is a little (possibly habitable) smaller planet orbiting the world ending sphere. Quite by accident, Randall is included among the few with this end-of-the-world knowledge.

Hendron warns the United Nations that the world is soon coming to an end, begging that they immediately begin building ships to fly some to the non-threatening smaller planet. These warnings and pleas fall on deaf ears because other scientists challenge his findings...

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The Amazing Colossal Man (1957)

The Amazing Colossal Man

The Amazing Colossal Man is created by the first military plutonium bomb explosion. For some unexplained reason the bomb doesn’t go off on time, but everyone still believes its gonna blow. While waiting, a civilian plane crashes in the test area and Lt. Col. Glenn Manning runs out to rescue them. Bad move. The bomb goes off, civilians die, Glenn instantly loses his clothes and hair. Yes, he lives, but with 3rd degree burns all over his body. His doctors don’t expect him to live and no one wants to break the news to his girl.

In the morning, shock turns to concern with the docs find the burned-up man completely healed. Not a mark on him. Glenn goes on to make some remarkable changes...

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War of the Colossal Beast (1958)

War ofwar-of-the-colossal-beast-1958 the Colossal Beast

Efforts to stop an accidentally radiated man lead to the War of the Colossal Beast. On a lonely Mexican road, a kid driving a truck full of food runs into this 60-foot beast of a man. Unfortunately, what happens to the kid initially leads to a guessing game because he’s in shock. A cop and the owner of the food truck go back to where the kid was found. Neither notice the giant human footprint in the mud.

News of the incident gets out and others, namely the colossal man’s sister, begin to figure it out. Could this beast be her missing brother? She heads to Mexico to find out. Unable to chat with the hysterical kid, she goes out to where he was found. This time they notice the colossal footprint leading to the mountains...

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Day The World Ended (1955)

Dday-the-world-ended-1955ay The World Ended

An all-out atomic war leads to the Day The World Ended. Most of the planet is contaminated with radiation. One exception is a small canyon surrounded by cliffs full of lead. In this canyon lives an x-Naval officer with his daughter. This is no accident. Expecting that man might go mad and engage in such a war, he purposely settles here with lots of supplies. Problem is, the daughter is engaged and her fella is nowhere to be found.

By sheer coincidence, a small group finds this natural bomb shelter just before the war. So, it seems that Pop and Daughter are not the only survivors. At first Pop wants to leave them to fend for themselves, but Daughter convinces him to be a nice guy...

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Target Earth (1954)


Target Earth

Target Earth highlights another failed take-over-the-world scheme. It opens with an unsuccessful suicide attempt by a very sad woman. She soon realizes that the world she tries to leave is not the same. First, there is no water or electricity in her home. Next, the outside streets of her busy city are completely empty. Where is everyone? In her wanderings, she finds a man who was beaten up during a robbery. He’s just as perplexed as she.

Together the two lonely souls try to find others and answers. In a while they come across another couple who say that they were too drunk to evacuate with everyone else. At this point all four want to get out of town, but find it difficult because none of the cars work. A fifth survivor joins their group.

All five get more and more nervous as...

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The Beast of Hollow Mountain (1956)

the-beast-of-hollow-mountain-1956The Beast of Hollow Mountain

The Beast of Hollow Mountain lives in a cozy secluded mountain with a tar pit at its base. The locals stay away from the area because they believe there’s a curse on the mountain. But that doesn’t keep the beast from coming down and grabbing meals here and there. So, when some cow hands disappear, locals think it’s strange. When some cattle disappear, locals wonder. Then, when a woman’s horse disappears people start pondering. How many disappearances does it take before folks start to notice?

Well, a grief-stricken kid doesn’t let folks forget when his father disappears. Despite an upcoming festival, his mind is only on finding his missing papa. Efforts to stop him from going to the mountain fail, as he slips away from his guardians to search.


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4D Man (1959)

4d-man-19594D Man

4D man is a jealous researcher who stole his younger scientific brother’s 4th dimensional (4D) experiments to use on himself.  Why? Because his brother stole his girlfriend. Tit for tat, if you will.

The young brother is an ingenious scientist, but brash in his methods. He comes up with a way to put objects into a 4D state where they can pass through other objects. However, while at school experimenting he overloads university circuits and burns the lab down. That gets him fired, so he shows up at his brother’s place. Brother’s glad to see him, but not for long. In a short while the researcher’s girlfriend is more attracted to the younger more vibrant sibling.  So he steals his stuff.

After successfully passing his hand through steel, he tells his brother and the two decid...

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She Devil (1957)


She Devil

The She Devil is created by a well-meaning doctor who only wants to cure the diseases of the world.  He makes a self-healing serum and tests it on lab animal. Only side effect he notices is that one leopard changes its color. Doesn’t seem so bad, right? Soon, he believes he’s ready to try it on a human.

Doc’s mentor and longtime friend believes he should only use it on a hopeless case and with the patient’s consent. Both agree and find a patient that fits the bill, a humble young lady who is dying of tuberculosis. With weak hands, she signs the consent and receives a serum injection. Lo and behold, within hours she is completely free of disease. More than that, she’s utterly beautiful and aglow with vibrant health.

The first strange thing they notice is difficulty ins...

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Bride of the Monster (1955)


Bride of the Monster

Bride of the Monster is, frankly, wishful thinking on the part of the “monster”, a really big man. But, in the end, it works out good for the girl. The story opens on a dark stormy night near a spooky old house. Thinking the house deserted, two soaked hunters go to it for a place to dry out. The door suddenly opens and an unfriendly owner tells them they’re not welcome. Desperate, they threaten the owner with a rifle, then out comes a really big man who scares them off.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t end it for the hunters. The owner goes inside his secret lab and releases a giant octopus which has no trouble finding the hunters. It kills one, while the really big man captures the other.

The hunters have stumbled across the unholy experiments of a crazy doctor ...

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She Demons (1958)

she-demons-1958She Demons

A group of four stranded survivors run into the She Demons on a presumably deserted island. A tropical storm put them there and now they’re stuck. The group includes a manly dude, a spoiled rich girl, a friendly assistant, and a boat hand. They salvage a radio that they’re trying to fix.  Although it can receive, they can’t get the thing to transmit. Only thing they hear is the not-so-good chatter between overflying jets about test bombing their presumably deserted island.

While looking about, they notice fresh footprints on the sandy beach and three of the party decide to explore. In the jungle, they see a frantic dancing ceremony by a bunch of beautiful natives, and decide to head back to base...

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