Night of the Blood Beast (1958)

Night of the Blood Beast

In Night of the Blood Beast, America’s first manned space launch brings back something more than the man. Soon after take-off the ship runs into an unknown object and has to abort the mission. The pilot is killed by the resulting crash landing.

When technicians and doctors reach the site three hours later, they find some odd things. First, the wreckage is covered with a mud-like substance that later disappears. Next, there is a giant hole on the ship no one can explain. Finally, and most weird, is the state of the dead pilot’s body. There is no rigor mortis, pulse, or heartbeat, yet his blood pressure is normal. In fact, he looks like he’s taking a nap. Back in the lab, they check out his cells and he has some unknown ones mixed in among them...

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The Cyclops (1957)

The Cyclops

The Cyclops is about radioactivity gone mad in the middle of a remote Mexican jungle. A test pilot goes missing after crash landing in a jungle surrounded by impassable mountains. Home base has coordinates of where he went down, but no one hears from this guy in three years. All conclude he’s dead, all but his ever hopeful fiancé. She relentlessly tries to convince the Mexican government to let her fly into the jungle to find her missing man. They finally agree on the condition that she take a “security man” along. Well, the plane is a 4-seater and she’s already got her crew – a pilot, scientist, mining expert, and herself. She agrees, but at the last minute they ditch the “security man” and take off.

The plane lands in the area her fiancé is known to have crash...

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Forbidden Planet (1956)

Forbidden Planet

Hundreds of years from now an Earth starship arrives at the Forbidden Planet. Twenty years prior an expedition was left there to fend for themselves. When the ship’s captain requests landing coordinates he’s met with an unwelcoming voice that tells him to turn back. Though the captain insists and receives the info, he’s warned of potential danger. So begins the visit to the Forbidden Planet.

The expedition’s sole survivor, one old scientist, tells the tale of his crew’s demise. All were killed by what he calls a “planetary force”. Only he and his wife survive, but she dies later during childbirth. Til now, the daughter has never seen another human being and is quite curious. Throughout the movie she shows her inexperience, but learns quickly.

With only his d...

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The Mole People (1956)

The Mole People

Way in the past, a few think tanks thought that The Mole People lived in the hollow center of the earth.  Of course, we know this not to be true, but it makes for a good sci fi flick….

Two archaeologists who believe that we live on a hollow planet go diving deep into it. There they find an ancient race of white Sumerians. Where did they come from? The Earth’s surface. Thousands of years earlier, during cataclysmic floods, some humans survive by going underground. Through the ages their skin turns albino and they lose all tolerance to light. To keep their population stable, they sacrifice the old to their gods by exposing them to sunlight. Occasionally some are born with a tolerance for light, and are shunned for having “the mark of darkness”...

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Indestructible Man (1956)

Indestructible Man

Sounding and looking a lot like the TV series “Dragnet”, the story of the Indestructible Man centers around revenge. Before his execution a killer/robber nicknamed “Butcher” swears revenge against his attorney and two partners. He figures out how they double-cross him to try and get his hidden $600,000 stash of loot. The trio do not worry, because soon afterwards the Butcher dies in the gas chamber.

But he comes back. How? A well-meaning doctor working on a cure for cancer buys the Butcher’s dead body to experiment on. He uses chemical injections and lots of electricity on it to see the effects on human tissue. The doc ends up completely reviving the Butcher, giving him enormous strength and making him practically indestructible...

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The Black Scorpion (1957)

The Black Scorpion

A Mexican earthquake explodes to release a giant Black Scorpion. Not knowing the creature is around, two geologists go up to study the earthquake and the resulting new volcano. But they find even more to study. First, they hear a loud roar that makes them immediately take out their guns. Then, they find a destroyed house with an abandoned baby. Finally, they come across a wrecked patrol car with a dead cop nearby. With all this, they forget about the earthquake.

They take the child to a priest in the next town. There they hear about other disappearances, destroyed homes, livestock slaughter, and weird roaring sounds. The locals say it’s all caused by a demon bull, but the scientists look for a more scientific explanation.

Hoping to get to the bottom of all these stran...

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Four Sided Triangle (1953)

Four Sided Triangle

Four Sided Triangle is about a three-sided romance (one woman and two men) that grows to include a fourth person. How? By making a duplicate of the loved woman. Here’s what happens…

Two young boys, Bill and Robin, grow up competing for the affections of one lovely little girl, Lena. In time Lena moves away with her family. The boys grow up to be accomplished scientists. Together they who create a machine that can duplicate physical objects.

One days a beautiful Lena returns to the village, alone and disheartened by personal failures. She joins them in their work on the Replicator machine. Needless to say, the boyhood affections held for her resurface as men. But as the money dries up to fund the project Bills leaves town to work at the family business.

Alone with L...

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The Unearthly (1957)

The Unearthly

In an effort to make man immortal, three diabolical docs create The Unearthly. Doc #1 gets the unknowing victims to check themselves into a psychiatric hospital. Then, at the hospital, the other two docs conduct surgical experiments with hideous results. All victims have mild mental problems and no known family to ask questions when they disappear.

The story opens one night as Doc #1 delivers the latest victim, a woman with depression. Before leaving her, he collects her purse and coat to toss into a local river. Her disappearance is to be explained as a suicide to family and police. Of course the poor depressed soul has no knowledge of her planned demise. Only thing she knows is that she’s being given a sedative for a good night’s sleep.

After settling in the latest vic...

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War of the Satellites (1958)

War of the Satellites

Aliens who think humans should stay put on Earth launch the War of the Satellites. These manned ships are sent repeatedly into space only to be shot down. Ten in all. Referring to humans as a disease, the aliens announce that they intend to protect the universe. How? By preventing Earthlings from leaving Earth. Oh, and they blatantly admit to setting up a space barrier to keep us grounded.

Well, mankind doesn’t take too kindly to being quarantined to Earth by a bunch of uppity aliens. Who gave them the right to decide who can or cannot explore space? The United Nations votes to continue with the space project. In fact, the project head decides to lead the next manned satellite mission. They select a crew and, in a few weeks, are again ready to blast off...

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The Monster of Piedras Blancas (1959)

The Monster of Piedras Blancas

The Monster of Piedras Blancas is a ghoulish critter that takes heads and drains victims of their blood. For many years it lives near a quiet little lighthouse town called Piedras Blancas (white stones). No one knows it’s there. Why? The local lighthouse keeper feeds, yep, feeds the creature meat scraps. Soon after the death of his wife, the man and his nine-year-old daughter move to town. Although he’s extremely diligent in keeping the lights lit, he’s not the friendly type and doesn’t make buddies in town. With the exception of his child and a dog, the guy lives a lonely life outside town in the lighthouse.

One night while walking along the shoreline he discovers the baby creature and sees that it, too, is alone...

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